The story of how it began
– the evolution of an idea

The vendor, Dane, and the Design student, Raphael, at a meeting at the Faculty of Design during the Bachelor Thesis project.

One day, at the beginning of his final semster at the Free University of Bolzano, a young Design student from Germany takes a walk towards the historic center of Bolzano to buy some fresh fruits from the market.
On his way he meets a street vendor from Senegal who finally tries to sell him a pair of sunglases – even though it is clouded.
So, instead they begin a discussion about street vending in general whereby the student discovers the actual banality that street venodors are in the end fully autonomous business men, eventually just lacking of a bit more useful products.

The day later the young student meets the head of a local social manufactory to help building a new website. While talking about marketing and advertisement he figures out that it is pretty difficult for a small social business to get known – even locally.

Now, there are two people with a rather unrelated problem – One can't find good quality products to sell in the streets, and the other has not enough visibility to sell his charming products locally.

These two actually unrelated obstacles triggered the 'BINGO' moment,
where 1+1 suddently makes rightly 3, because both would win through a collaboration and even generate added value for the local street life.

That day the idea for NU_VOLANTE was born.

Now, almost one year later, they are finally close to start the first pilot project in the streets of Bolzano, Italy.