What is it Nu_Volante?

NU_VOLANTE is (probably) the first open and collaborative street brand in Italy.


What does that mean in short?

We try to connect local street vendors to local (eco–social) manufacturer and designer to create small, simple and beautiful products and sell them exclusively in our streets through a network of street vendors.


How does it work in detail?

The eco-social manufacture AKRAT has a central role within the collaboration.
They are producing a part of the products that get sold by the network of street vendors in the streets of Bolzano.
On the other site they provide a physical space where designers, street vendors and their own production team can meet to discuss and exchange ideas.
At the moment also Nu_Volante operates from the office of AKRAT at Piazza Matteotti 2 in Bolzano in a kind of co-working relation.


Our core values that matter to us

Openness and autonomy

We are open to every street vendor, social manufacturer and designer that wants to collaborate with us.

If you are a street vendor, designer or (eco–social) manufacturer and want to join our journey just get in touch with us!




We think fair collaborations
are much more powerfull
and meaningfull than nasty competition.

Therefore we fairly distribute the generated income along all collaborators.

Nu_Volante just takes 5% of the products' manufacturing costs for the streetbrands' organization and communication.


Local production
and sale

We connect local street vendors with local (social) manufacturer and designers based in or around the city we operate in.

Why? Because we believe every place has unique personalities, ideas and cultures. We want to acknowledge that and make it visible through our products.




We don't have secrets!
We communicatate transparently how we work,
who is involved and what materials we use.

We present you all involved persons and give you the chance to conntact them if you wish.

We documentate the process of production and show you the story behind each product.